The origin

The Architecture really started back in Chile in the Mid-70’s, a Chilean -quasi- “Baby Boomer” decided his Art and Math aptitudes were just right for Architecture; the quest for organizing and manipulating space to create the architectural experience for the “Human Element” -the “End Product”- proved to be the right combination.

Santiago de Chile, Downtown. / Photo: Maciej Bledowski

The origin

“Since the get go of my architectural career I searched working for the best in the field, this resulted in finding the best Masters of the Profession in Chile and then in the USA -when moving here in 1986-, pursuing the change and a better future” – Juan C. David, R.A. & JCD ARCHITECT, INC. CEO.

Skyscraper in downtown, Miami, FL / Photo: Ramunas Bruzas

The origin

The combination of high-level Chilean Architecture -pretty much European based-, the Latin Flavor and a combination with Trail Blazing American Architecture has created this interesting Architectural Kaleidoscopic firm of JCD Architect, Inc.

View Skyline from Virginia Key, Miami, FL / Photo: Jon Bilous


Like a good architect friend of mine from Hollywood based architectural Firm SG2 used to say: …we do from “Carports to Airports” and that has been so truth in my career… I was so honored to design a simple, rustic resting place -as my first commission ever- for the passing of my very dear 24 year old cousin. A small Mausoleum overlooking the Sea on the Coastal resort of Papudo, Chile, then with time and once I’ve moved to the USA, I had the privilege and honor to work on a super large Interdisciplinary Airport Project, the MIC Terminal in Miami, Florida; a 16 Billion dollar Project, so I’ve been exposed -I believe-, to the full spectrum of Architecture including everything imaginable in between.

My work experience started in the Mid 70’s and that happened to be in one the largest and most prestigious Architectural Firm in Chile, “Echenique, Cruz & Boissier”, with them I was taught the basics and the hardships to intense Architecture. In “Echenique, Cruz & Boissier” we did large projects like “Edificio Plaza de Armas”, the highest Commercial Multi-use Bldg in Santiago’s main square -right by the Cathedral building-; we also did the Iconic “Automovil Club de Chile” building, the 12 grade “Craighouse School”, the ”IBM S.A. Headquarters”, Shopping Centers, Textile Mfg. Building, Apt. Towers, and many others.

In 1986 we came to the USA looking for something new, fresh Horizons, definitely a huge challenge; it took me 7 years to get my architectural registration in the State of Florida. After a good 2.5 year stint in Engineering –what gave me an engineering edge in Architecture-, I went again for the Best… it happened to be Arquitectonica Int’l (ARQ), Iconic Trail Blazing Internationally awarded firm with Projects all over the World: Euro Disney, USA Disneyworld in Orlando, Fl, Sawgrass Mills Mall a 2.3 Million Sq. Ft. Shopping Mall –the 2nd largest Tourist attraction in Florida after Disneyworld-, the City Center in Niece, France; Bank of Luxemburg, Luxembourg; 300 Res. Units for the US Coast Guards in Bayamon, Puerto Rico; Largest Shopping Center in Lima, Peru, largest Condo Mix-use building in Caracas, Venezuela, etc.

I also brushed my Architectural skills in another large firms such as Wolferg Alvarez (WA), including major 16 Billion dollar MIC (Miami Intermodal Center) working w/Internationally renowned Ove Arup (Kansai Airport) in Tokio, Major Shopping Centers in Miami, etc.

With more than 40 years Architectural experience on a wide range of Architectural work, JCD Architect,Inc. has the knowledge, the edge and the means to achieve any client’s expectation. The ultimate goal being the client; what I call “the Human Element”, and his architectural experience.

The Firm’s motto being: “it is not what we can do or want; it’s the client’s goals and desires the driving force that provides the stimuli and the motivation” for the Project; it is the Client’s Goal –not ours-, and it can be Financial, Innovation, pure Aesthetics or whatever the Client is seeking: this is our ultimate goal.

Meet the staff

A prime asset at JCD’s office is the collage, the melting pot or the diversity of people and nationalities; architects, engineers, drafting personnel or whatever; this diversity makes the workplace work, makes the job get done, makes the job easier and pleasant. There’s some kind of harmony on diversity. Some people have been at JCD for more than 12 years now.
We are proud with our staff.



As soon as this “environmental” movement started I jumped right on. It just seemed the right thing to do so I got involved on it.

First started at home; recycling, saving water, re-using “scratch” paper, shorter showers, shut running water, the whole nine yards. Then I went and got my LEED registration with the USGBC to get involved in the practical applications to the Architecture, to be able to apply the Techniques and Methods to Buildings, Houses and to all kind of projects, etc.

We completed a 3 story, 140 room ALS building in Orlando Florida. We have applied these techniques in several projects. Our office is committed to contribute to the environment by working the LEED techniques.